Request for E-mail/Online Support:

The Process:
1) Submit your question or questions using the online form -

Try to be concise, articulate and use complete sentences with punctuation!
It's your dime, so please realize that making it easy for me to understand you works in your favor.

2) You will receive a return request for payment from PayPal -

Consultation fees: are $40.00 per hour ( 1 hour minimum )
and for web based support are payable in advance
using PayPal.

Click here to see a breif overview of the PayPal Process
used by the Pgh. PC Help Desk.

Click here to see description of PayPal and how it works for you and me.

3) I will answer your questions and/or direct the repair
of the problem or problems.

If the initial consultation only takes .25 hours. ( 15 minutes )
Then you will be credited .75 hours ( 45 minutes ) towards your next
consultation, provided that the next inquiry originates from the same
e-mail address that the credit was issued to.

Your credit will be issued in the form of a coded invoice number and
you will be required to provide that same code when you wish to continue
using your credited time.


Click here to submit your request
for E-mail/Online Support
using the Online Form


My promise to you:
I'll attempt, to the best of my ability, to help you understand the solution
and resolve your problem(s) and also make it possible for you to solve the same,
or similar problems, in the future, without my assistance.

If I feel that the problem is not resolvable via e-mail, then I'll recommend that you
find an other source of help before a payment voucher is sent to you,
or I'll give you a phone number and suggest a time window when I'll be available.

If the problem/situation is out of the realm of my experience then I'll attempt to point you in a direction that will provide support.

All e-mail from you and responses from me will be logged and time stamped and will be available to you if you need to see them at a later date.

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