Personal - In Home and Phone Support

Personalized Computer support solutions - help - in your home or by phone.
Friendly, easy and understandable.
Repairs - Upgrades - System cleanup and optimization.
Anything you need or want to learn.

Business Computer Support

Personalized Business Support Solutions
Networking - Security - Redundant Backup
Hosting - Web Design - Site Management
E-Commerce - Contact Management
Hardware repair and replacement

Mission Statement

Rates are hourly and very affordable,
and appointments are made
by Clicking Here.

Phone support: Call Now
Initial Phone Consultations are free!
Remove spyware, ad-ware, browser hijack,
repair Internet Explorer or Outlook Express,
or restore or install Operating System,
setup network, routers, wireless
broadband - DSL - Cable.

PC Computer Support and IT Help
Help in your Home or Business Office,
by Telephone or E-mail
and also
Remote Assistance

Computer Help and Support
Home Support Business Support
Phone Support E-mail Support
Hardware repairs, replacements, upgrades.
More Memory(RAM) - more storage.

Remote Assistance Connection to your PC is available
With Remote Assistance we can be talking on the phone while I'm viewing your desktop and helping you.
Technical Search, Downloads and other ...

Free Boot Disks and links to Free Boot Disks

CNET Downloads

gives User Evaluations of On-Line Computer Hardware Vendors.

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Internet Hoax Protection

Free Internet Security:
Tests and Firewalls

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