Computer related phone and snail mail scams


This is just a heads up about 2 scams I’ve recently become aware of that are computer related.

One is a phone call from someone claiming to be Microsoft.
The other is a snail mail from someone claiming to be Dell.

The Dell snail mail is reported to detail a possible warranty claim that the recipient can act on by
calling the enclosed phone number. In this case it was a potentially faulty power supply that would be replaced for free.
The shocking part about the Dell snail mail is that they appear to have access to Service Tag numbers that are valid, and connected
to the Street Address on the target.

Both, once on the phone, request a remote connection to the PC, and after the connection is made, they report multiple problems
or infections that can be repaired by the caller, but of course, for a fee.
Neither of the reports I’ve received have gone past that point, but I suspect the next step would b a credit card transaction.

I’ve talked with Dell. They’ve received multiple reports of the above scam.
They are not yet able to determine how the service tags were harvested.


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