Make a Start up Disk in Win 95 / 98:
Making a startup disk in Win95 / 98 is highly recommended if you don't have one.
In the event of a major problem, you may need to boot from this disk to start your PC.

Get a clean floppy disk and put it in your A: drive.
Go to: Start/settings/control panel/add remove programs and select the tab on the top right
called "Startup Disk".
Select "Create Disk" and fallow the prompts, if you're prompted to insert your Win95/98 CD.
Wait while the disk is created, and when done, make sure you've label it, Windows Startup Disk.

In Windows XP:
To create an MS-DOS startup disk The MS-DOS startup disk you create will allow you to boot into MS-DOS. Insert a floppy disk into your computer's floppy drive.
Open My Computer, and then click the floppy disk drive to select it.
On the File menu, point to the name of the floppy drive, and then click Format.
Under Format options, at the bottom, check the box that says "Create an MS-DOS startup disk."
Click Start.

Important: Creating an MS-DOS startup disk erases all information on the floppy disk.

To open My Computer, double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop.
The MS-DOS startup disk only allows the system to boot into an MS-DOS prompt.
The disk contains no additional tools.

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