There are 2 options for contact.

General contact:
General contact is most commonly used if you're in the Pittsburgh area,
and need "on location" help with a specific problem that is hardware or software related.
Tutoring in all areas is also available, in your home, and on your machine.

When you are my client:
I come to your house when we make an appointment.
You can also phone me anytime you like.
You can also E-mail me anytime you like, once I've given you
a more direct E-mail address.

I'll also keep you informed about, and give you access to ( at your request only )
the most current and most effective free Antivirus software
and firewall protection for your computer.

Click here to make general contact

Computer Problems will not be answered in E-mail if you use the general contact form.

General contact is to book appointments and to discuss possibilities.

Use the "Request for E-Mail/Online Support" form below if you want
Online Support.

Request for E-mail/Online Support:
E-Mail and Online support are most commonly used if I'm not able to travel to your location or help you over the telephone.

Solutions to many software related issues can be explained in E-mail.

There is also the option to use a "remote connection" via the internet, making it possible for me to connect to your PC in real time.
In this instance you would download and install software from my web site, and I would help you configure it for a secure connection as we talk on the phone.

Remote connections and the configuration phone call ( you call me ) are scheduled by appointment and are specific to Date and time.
( Example: Monday, October 14, 2004 7:00 PM EST or EDT depending on the season. )

If you're not in my time zone you'll need to be responsible for understanding
the difference in our times, and scheduling will be to my time.

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