How to flash the BIOS of your MSI K8N Neo2 MS-7025 Mother Board

All of you veterans are going to know how to do this in your sleep,
but some of us (I'm 69 yrs. old) had to relearn this by "poke and hope" methods because the
included instructions in the BIOS downloads are still, to the day, pathetically incorrect and also have missing information.

I'm speaking of the downloaded 1.0D Version ( the file name is
obtained here:

Below see my repaired and tested instructions but just for Windows XP.
[The WRONG instructions are in the [] brackets and will be grey]
with the CORRECT: instruction following the wrong.
For WinXP, you can make a DOS boot disk.
Go to Your Computer, right click drive A:, select Format,
[WRONG select copy system files]
CORRECT: put a check in the box that says "Create an MS-DOS startup disk

My expanded instructions:
Copy (or unzip) the contents of the downloaded .zip file to a new folder you create in the C: drive of the XP PC you want to flash.
so you now have
and that folder contains the flash utility and thw BIOS file,
in this instance (1.0D) they are:
AWFL833D.EXE (the flash utility)
W7025NMS.1D0 (the BIOS file)

Boot from your floppy disk.
END My expanded instructions:

When you get the A:\ prompt, type the following sequence:
C: <enter>
[WRONG cd\test <enter>]
CORRECT: cd test
[WRONG and missing info. C:\test> awdfl783m BIOS file]

Now just stop for a minute and note:
At this point is easy to view the contents of the folder C:\text by typing
DIR and hit ENTER
Now you will see the correct names for ther flash utility and the BIOS file but missing one key point!
DOS won't see the "." (the dot ... the period) in the correct BIOS file name
which is W7025NMS.1D0

So continuing from
[WRONG C:\test> awdfl783m BIOS file]

CORRECT: just type: the correct name of the flash utility(no need to use the .exe)
and then one space on the spacebar and then the name of the BIOS file to use.
in this instance for 1.0D the correct line to type is:

AWFL833D W7025NMS.1D0

The flash utility will now start with the correct BIOS file found.
Just follow the prompts and all is good.

When it's done you can go into your BIOS and verify the BIOS version.
Hit DEL when booting
Go into Standard CMOS Features and then down to the bottom and go into
System Information.

That's all there is to it.
And as a disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any mistakes you make that wreck your PC.

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