This is my experience: 04.25.06, Setting up a New Dell.
( cleaning out the junk applications and teaser versions )
There is no guarantee it will be the same on your machine.

Has Google has finally crossed the line into a pusher of junkware and bloat ware?

Even though you choose to remove Google Desktop and Google Toolbar
there ~might~ still be 2 files in you computer stealing resources and making your
pointer turn to an hour glass for no apparent reason.

These files are: GTB.exe and GTB2.exe

You can safely delete these files and reclaim your computer,
... but first, go to Add/Remove Programs and remove:
Google Toolbar and Google Desktop, and anything else that says "Google" from your computer.

Then Go to Start > Search > and search for GTB.exe and delete it.
Search again for GTB2.exe and also delete that one.

Note: Removing these Google items doesn't stop you from using Goolge on the internet.
Google, search, maps, and GMail will still all work perfectly.



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