Free Software for PC, MAC, Linux:


AVG Anti-Virus Free: This is the best I've ever used. Highly Recommended!
Much easier on your PC than Nortons or McAfee and a better performer in my opinion.
Be sure to click through until you find the free one!

Fire Fox: Mozilla PC and MAC Highly Recommended!
A clean light weight and free alternative to Internet Explorer

Open Office: Word Processing, Office, Etc. PC, MAC, Linux
This is an amazing free package! Very good!

Foxit Reader: Highly Recommended!
A free, light weight, non intrusive alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

Blender: 3D Modeling, Animation, Post Production: PC, MAC, Linux ... and more ...
Unbelievable Pro Quality ... and it's free!

Audacity: Audio - Free Pro Level Audio Editor PC, MAC

MP3 Encoders: for MAC

MP3 Encoder: for PC - Lame with Razorlame Front End - Highly Recommended !!!!!
This is it folks. The best of the best, and It's free. I've tried quite a few and also purchased
a few and nothing compares to the quality and ease of use of Razorlame.
You can download it here:

HTML: "Top 10 Free MAC html editors" MAC only

Fetch FTP: for MAC ( file transfer protocol )

The Gimp: Graphics / Art / Photo Editing: PC, MAC, Linux
Awesome quality!



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