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Redundant Backup and Data Recovery

Organized Automated Backup: One Click does it!

With one click each user can individually back up all of their work related files to either a second partition on their work station, a server, or both.

Back up can also be initiated from one location for all computers,
individually from each work station, or both. The choice is yours.

Backup can be designed to work specifically on just the folders and files you want, or can be global for a whole drive.

Operating system partitions of all machines can be imaged and quickly restored in the event of a system failure.

With the above solution in place the bottom line is:

Everything can be backed up.
Everything can be recovered in the event of a problem, and with very little down time.

I also do data recovery from failed systems
and have had great success in most all cases.

The only exceptions are when the HD is badly physically damaged and unreadable. At that point I can recommend a more specialized solution.

Personal Help and Support

I'll be there for you for all technical issues and as an interface between you and other companies if you like.

All members of the business can contact me for help and support, either by phone or e-mail.

Once you are an established client, basic phone support and e-mail support for simple questions is most always no charge.

The Network

Improving workflow and efficiency

  • All of your office machines connected
  • Sharing Select Folders and or Files and Contact Records
  • Sharing Printers
  • Sharing broad band connection to the Internet

All machines are connected to a centrally located router which is then connected to your FIOS, DSL or Cable Modem.
The router is also a "hardware firewall" and is secure from outside attack.

Contact Management

The Essential for organization of your client base and schedule.

High Recommendation and Support for ACT!

All contact information for each individual client is available
using search features within the software.

  • Organize clients by groups.
  • Attach files and notes to each client's contact information.
  • Advanced scheduling down to 15 minute increments.
  • Reminders ( a bell rings) for appointments, calls, to-do lists.
  • Multiple instances run simultaneously for network use.

Using "Act!" to manage your clients and scheduling will bring
efficiency and organization to a new level.

Microsoft Outlook is also supported.

Web Design / Site Management
  • Develop a new site
  • Manage your existing site

Web Site Design and Graphic Design tailored to your specific needs.
Updates and complete management of your existing site.

An on-site search engine to help your visitors find exactly what they're looking for. Weekly e-mail reports of all searched made on your site.

Search Engine submissions to all major search engines.

Hosting and Domain Name
  • 10GB - unlimited traffic - Windows 2000 Servers
  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts - Personal and Business
  • Free Statistics Server
  • Free Shopping Cart
  • 1-800 Telephone Tech. Support
  • $4.95 / Month!

The hosting company is
You'll be set up as an independent account.
I don't work as a reseller allowing you total freedom and the best price.

  • Domain Name Registration - Integrity and Ease of Use.

  • Shopping Cart
  • Product Database Integration
  • Merchant Accounts

I've made it work. I've been through the whole process.
I can do the same for you.


If you have questions:
I'll be glad to discuss possibilities for your specific situation and make recommendations if your situation doesn't fit into my areas of expertise.

Thank you!

Steve Karl - The Pittsburgh PC Help Desk

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