How to create a list of Trusted Senders in Outlook Express:

Launch Outlook Express
From the Tools menu select "Message Rules", and then Mail.
Press the New button to create a new rule. You can name the rule anything you choose.

1) In the "Select the conditions for your rules", check "Where the From line contains people" checkbox.

2) Under "Rule Description", click the link "contains people".
3) Press the "Address Book" button. Select people from your address book that you want to allow into your inbox, then press OK when done.

4) Press the Options button. Under "Apply rule if," select "Message does not contain the people below," press the OK button.

The reason for this is that this rule is kind of a reverse filter in that everyone that IS NOT in your
address book gets filtered.

In the "Select the actions for this rule" check either "Delete it" or "Move it to the specified folder"
Create a new folder called Spam if you like, during the "Move to" process or you can choose a folder you've already created. (*)
Press the OK buttons when done.

NOTE: Every time you add someone new to your address book you'll need to tweak the rule by
repeating steps 1 through 4, beginning with: un-check > "Where the from line contains people"
then: re-ckeck > "Where the from line contains people" ... then move to step 2.

* To create a new folder in Outlook Express, rightclick on any of the folders in the Folder List on the left and choose "New Folder".


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