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Music for film: Film Music for full length movies, trailers, documentaies, commercials and animation.

Have a listen and contact me with any questions you might have.

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I began my musical education with listening as an infant and at the age of 7,
in 1958, composed my first piece of music which was a brass quartet.

Early influences were guided by the musical taste of my Mother which was often
Tchaikovsky and other romantic composers, with an occasional diversion to
Big Band and pop music of the late 40's and early 50's.

The Boys Club Band, Grade School Choir and High School Band were a great education
in basic orchestration and harmony and in the late 60's, and self taught as a guitarist,
I began live performance, which lasted until 1999.

Music and technology have always been my main interests and as those two elements
continued to merge through the late 90's to the present, they have led me to the point
where I now can successfully realize my earliest childhood dreams of musical expression
in composing for full orchestra.

Special thanks to Mom for the great listening experience,
brother Greg for the continued guidance in music from a formal perspective,
and brother Lew for the technological expertise.

Steve Karl -



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